About Verve

Verve by C. Jackson is a Los Angeles based design studio featuring handcrafted artisan jewelry.

Verve was founded in 2006 by  jewelry designer, Christy Jackson. Known for its range of style, from delicate and wispy everyday pieces to chunky and bold vintage brass pieces. Verve is also known for re-inventing and re-purposing jewelry from the past and breathing new life into it by creating modern and timeless pieces for today. Verve Jewelry is a juxtaposition of earthy and classy, edgy and elegant.

“I have always been drawn to a more organic look. Rough cut stones, asymmetry and mixing of metals. I also believe that jewelry has a little mind of it’s own, and a sense of humor! Sometimes I will have an idea in mind and as the piece is being worked out, an entirely different piece will emerge. So I allow the process to flow organically and put my focus on creating original pieces with a subdued beauty.”

Christy lives in Los Angeles where she continues to grow in her ever evolving aesthetic as a jewelry designer. She is also very passionate about animal rescue and a big part of her life is involved in helping homeless animals. She has been a foster Mom to over 60 animals in her lifetime and is a forever Mom to her dog, Manalo and her 2 cats, Harmony and Romeo.

A portion of Verve’s sales are used in rescuing dogs and cats in our country’s shelters.